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Covid Recovery: Fast Decision Making

The ability to make fast decisions is an essential trait of effective leaders - even more so in times of crisis where course corrects or new strategies are required at speed. Graham Botwright explains the importance of fast decisions, and what is needed to achieve them.

Graham Botwright

Interests: Strategy

Covid Recovery: Leadership Optimism And Deliberate Calm

The fourth in Graham Botwright's "Covid Recovery" films explores the qualities that effective leaders in times of crisis personify, and explains how they can be cultivated.

Graham Botwright

Interests: Psychology

Covid Recovery: Total Value Thinking

The third in Graham Botwright's "Covid Recovery" films investigates the compelling commercial concept of "total value thinking": what it is, how to cultivate it, and what the results will be if you do.

Graham Botwright

Interests: Strategy

Covid Recovery: Negotiation Agility

The second in Graham Botwright's "Covid Recovery" films explores the concept of negotiation agility and how it has fueled an extraordinary commercial success story of 2020.

Negotiation agility

Interests: Strategy

Covid recovery: Introduction to the 5 traits of successful businesses

CEO Graham Botwright introduces the first in a series of 6 films that look at how successful businesses are behaving in the time of the pandemic - and what other companies can do to emulate them.

Graham Botwright

Interests: Creativity

Assumptions: a costly risk your negotiation can do without

The danger that can come from making assumptions is implicit in the word itself.

Tim Green

Interests: Risk

When both parties are trained negotiators: conflict of interest, or value optimising counter balance?

Negotiating ‘with’. That word ‘with’ changes the way you need to view your negotiations. ‘With’ means opportunity. ‘With’ means willingness. ‘With’ means together.

Tim Green

Interests: Strategy


An essential prerequisite for any negotiator is an understanding of what is going on inside their negotiating partner’s head. What priorities do they have, what pressures are they under, what are their motivations? You cannot negotiate effectively unless you have a clear understanding of the other party’s agenda. The key to arriving at these insights is effective questioning.

Alistair White

Interests: Planning

How to negotiate with your boss in a global pandemic

Seasoned commercial negotiators who think nothing of entering the negotiation lion's den on behalf of their company can turn to dust when it comes to negotiating their own role, salary and benefits. But now more than ever it's time to get personal and face into these conversations.

Tamara Hodgson

Interests: Risk, Power, Variables