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Responding to Tenders

How to give your company the best chance of success in a formal tender process.

Tim Milne

Interests: Competitive

Separating Feelings and Emotions from Behavior

Reflections on the recent Rugby World Cup Final and the power of self control.

Adam Frampton

Interests: Psychology

How to Assess the Amount of Power you Really Have

A guide to how working out how much power you really have - it may be more than you think...

Rodrigo Malandre

Interests: Variables, Planning, Strategy

How to Manage the Circumstances when you Know you have Less Power

So you've done a detailed power assessment and have concluded that you really do have less power than your counterpart. So now what to do?

Rodrigo Malandre

Interests: Power

Mind Reading for Negotiators

Reading between the lines - how do you know what your counterpart is really thinking?

Pablo Benitez

Interests: Psychology

The Danger of Entrenched Positions

What can be the key to unlocking progress when each party adopts two seemingly irreconcilable positions?

Alistair White

Interests: Competitive

Ego: A Small Word That Can Mean Big Trouble

Top tips on how to keep control of your ego throughout your negotiations.

Tim Green

Interests: Psychology

Inside the Other Party's Head

Your negotiation outcome needs to meet your needs but have you spent long enough considering how it meets the needs of your counterpart too?

Vladislav Andreev

Interests: Psychology

Lights, Camera, Action...Negotiate!

A refresher of the 14 behaviors of negotiation from the world of film.

Chris McNally

Interests: Power, Planning, Competitive, Collaborative