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Leave Your Personal Values at the Negotiating Door

Allowing your personal values to play a part in your negotiations could lose you value.

Tim Green

Interests: Psychology

The Forces of Gravity

How to understand and manage the impact that natural market forces are exerting on your negotiations.

Alistair White

Interests: Collaborative

To Reward or to Punish? A Deeper Dive into Future-Proofing Deals

Failure to future-proof contracts is one of the most common traps negotiators fall into, as they become so focused on closing the deal that they lose sight of how it will be implemented.

Christopher Schilling

Interests: Strategy

Reflections On Negotiation At The West Bank And Israel

In a place where the result of seventy years of political deadlock has had a hard-hitting human impact, our consultant contemplates why in many cases political and ideological negotiations are so much more difficult to resolve than commercial negotiations.

James Kennerdale

Interests: Strategy

Tendering And Bidding: The Default Negotiation Process?

Prescribed bidding processes are becoming more and more the norm in big industry. But why and when is it appropriate to challenge this "standard" way, and seek more collaborative and value-creating ways of awarding contracts?

Marc Saris

Interests: Planning

Can Negotiation Skills Close the Gender Pay Gap?

The role that negotiation skills could play in closing the gender pay gap and an argument for negotiation training for women.

Tamara Hodgson

Interests: Power, Creativity

The Codebreaker

The skills and strategies employed by the legendary codebreaker Alan Turing leads to an intriguing meditation on ways to "break the code" of your counterparty's breakpoint.

Vince Brook

Interests: Strategy


The importance of future planning in negotiation while reflecting on Premier League Football Club Tottenham Hotspur and their new stadium.

Adam Frampton

Interests: Planning, Strategy

Brexit: How the Use of Power Can Have Unexpected Consequences

A moment in time during the Brexit negotiations when the balance of power shifted in a surprising direction.

Ryan Gray

Interests: Power, Execution