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Negotiating for wellbeing: The corporate perspective

Wellbeing now figures high on the international HR agenda. But what value does negotiating a successful wellbeing program deliver to a company? Tatiana Kozhevnikova of the Wellbeing Academy explains from the perspective of a range of different stakeholders.

Tatiana Kozhevnikova

Interests: Psychology

Two Ears And One Mouth

The ancient Greek quote that suggests we should talk half as much as we listen is highly pertinent to negotiation. But how to improve your listening skills, particularly in these volatile times? Chris Mercer elaborates.

Chris Mercer

Interests: Planning, Psychology

What Negotiators Can Learn From Tom Daley

Successful outcomes are not achieved in the high-pressure moments, but rather in the countless hours of preparation, problem-solving and visualization of the interaction which they are about to undertake.

James Kennerdale

Interests: Planning

Gold Medal Mindset

In sport, as in negotiation, you need to make sure that your counterparty does not understand your pressures, the seeds of doubt that may be in your mind. For this will only bolster their position, shifting the perception of the balance of power between the two of you in their favour.

Tim Billson

Interests: Competitive

Price Increases: Negotiating The Inevitable

The inevitability of price increases in the wake of post-pandemic commodity price volatility shouldn't be ignored by commercial leaders and global trade professionals. Facing into negotiations around price and ensuring you are well equipped is essential to success.

Chris Atkins

Interests: Strategy

The Negotiator’s Best Kept Secret: The Risk Adjusted Strategy

It's a simple question: Are you taking risk into account in your negotiations? If you are then you are setting yourself up for success. If not, you are inviting a suboptimal outcome. Campbell Graham introduces the elegant concept of a risk adjusted strategy and details why it's one that every negotiator should have up their sleeve.

Campbell Graham

Interests: Risk

And The Secret To An Optimized Sales Process Is...

What if you could increase profit, increase morale, and decrease turnover all at the same time? It has everything to do with augmenting your sales process and reward structure with a clear negotiation framework at its core, as Mark Mirra explains.

Mark Mirra

Interests: Strategy, Execution

Negotiating The Sugar Rush

As commodity prices continue to rise in a surprise post-pandemic twist, the pressure on negotiating along the value chain increases. Scott Chepow has wise advice for those doing the deals.

Scott Chepow

Interests: Strategy

No means No? No!

A simple shift in how to frame a question based on an understanding of human psychology can have a dramatic positive effect on your ability to reach agreement with your counterparty.

Freddy Burgess

Interests: Psychology