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Getting Inside The (Reluctant) Head

How do you get information from an uncooperative and unforthcoming counterparty? Simple. Consider employing the niftily-titled negotiation acronym MESO - and gather some highly useful intelligence. James Kennerdale explains all.

James Kennerdale

Interests: Psychology

What Can Covid-19 Contact Tracing Learn From Rugby League?

John Clements reports on the fascinating history of how Rugby League was formed, and how it provides valuable negotiation lessons for the success, or otherwise, of Covid-19 track contact tracing schemes.

John Clements

Interests: Creativity, Planning, Psychology

The Rise And Rise Of Omnichannel

Scott Chepow considers the extraordinary rise of omnichannel in recent years, and how to negotiate for optimised outcomes in this brave new world.

Scott Chepow

Interests: Variables, Creativity

2020: Navigating Change Like A Negotiator

Vince Brook reflects on the global and personal upheaval of the last year, and how the cast iron negotiation principles he practices in his job as a negotiation consultant have invariably been his most successful go-to strategies.

Vince Brook

Interests: Variables, Creativity, Psychology, Strategy

Covid Recovery: Business Sustainability

The businesses that are coming out of the crisis truly leading the market are those who have both responded to the short-term challenges and opportunities, and put in place a robust infrastructure to serve the long term, setting up for growth in the upturn that will follow.

Graham Botwright

Interests: Strategy

Covid Recovery: Fast Decision Making

The ability to make fast decisions is an essential trait of effective leaders - even more so in times of crisis where course corrects or new strategies are required at speed. Graham Botwright explains the importance of fast decisions, and what is needed to achieve them.

Graham Botwright

Interests: Strategy

Covid Recovery: Leadership Optimism And Deliberate Calm

The fourth in Graham Botwright's "Covid Recovery" films explores the qualities that effective leaders in times of crisis personify, and explains how they can be cultivated.

Graham Botwright

Interests: Psychology

Covid Recovery: Total Value Thinking

The third in Graham Botwright's "Covid Recovery" films investigates the compelling commercial concept of "total value thinking": what it is, how to cultivate it, and what the results will be if you do.

Graham Botwright

Interests: Strategy

Covid Recovery: Negotiation Agility

The second in Graham Botwright's "Covid Recovery" films explores the concept of negotiation agility and how it has fueled an extraordinary commercial success story of 2020.

Negotiation agility

Interests: Strategy