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Negotiating sustainably: The legacy from Cop26

Cop26's participating countries have signed up to policies and pledges that will bring challenge to negotiators. What are the key considerations they should take into account when moving forward with environmentally friendly initiatives such as sustainable sourcing?

Chris Atkins

Interests: Collaborative

How to negotiate when you are not allowed to negotiate

It may be tempting to simply follow a pre-ordained framework when approaching a negotiation, but the absence of, or limited negotiation – particularly in more complex agreements – can lead to a number of unforeseen and unwelcome consequences.

John Clements

Interests: Variables, Creativity

8 surprising ways negotiation principles help you outside of the deals you do for your company

The behavioral principles that underpin effective negotiation have a far wider application than just deal-making. They can also enrich and improve your confidence, your life, and ultimately your happiness.

Glin Bayley

Interests: Creativity, Planning, Psychology

The tough negotiator

Tough negotiators who present as assertive, resolute and even, perhaps, aggressive, can be an intimidating counterparty. But a simple three-step process can sway the power balance and leave you well-equipped for a successful outcome.

Adam Frampton

Interests: Strategy

People are strange

The fuel crisis in the UK sparks a meditation on what traits make up the perfect negotiator, and how an understanding of humanity in all its diversity is the key to success.

Kelly Harborne

Interests: Psychology

Plan the work and work the plan

An epic charity bike ride and the intense ups and downs of its preparation have many parallels with the process of planning for and executing a negotiation.

Matt Stockdale

Interests: Strategy, Execution

Negotiating for wellbeing: The corporate perspective

Wellbeing now figures high on the international HR agenda. But what value does negotiating a successful wellbeing program deliver to a company? Tatiana Kozhevnikova of the Wellbeing Academy explains from the perspective of a range of different stakeholders.

Tatiana Kozhevnikova

Interests: Psychology

Two Ears And One Mouth

The ancient Greek quote that suggests we should talk half as much as we listen is highly pertinent to negotiation. But how to improve your listening skills, particularly in these volatile times? Chris Mercer elaborates.

Chris Mercer

Interests: Planning, Psychology

What Negotiators Can Learn From Tom Daley

Successful outcomes are not achieved in the high-pressure moments, but rather in the countless hours of preparation, problem-solving and visualization of the interaction which they are about to undertake.

James Kennerdale

Interests: Planning