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The fascinating work of behavioral economists that shines a light on the pitfalls of a faulty decision making process.

Rodrigo Malandre

Interests: Psychology

Why No Can Spell Trouble In Negotiation

Why removing "no" from your negotiation vocabulary can be a wise move.

Tim Green

Interests: Strategy

Is Pushing Small Suppliers On Payment Terms The Right Approach?

When is it commercially astute, and when is it not, to put pressure on specialist suppliers to increase their payment terms?

Rodrigo Malandre

Interests: Power

You Can't Have Your Cake And Eat It

The greedy negotiator who isn't prepared to be collaborative may find themselves in deadlock quicker than you can say, "I'd like another slice please".

Tim Green

Interests: Competitive

A How-To Guide To New Year's Resolutions

Set some smart negotiation resolutions for 2020 and look forward to a year of mutual value creation and commercial success.

Chris Watkins

Interests: Planning

The Holiday Season – A Time For Peace?

A not entirely serious guide to how to survive the festive season through the strategic use of negotiation tactics and skills.

Tim Green

Interests: Creativity

Jingle All The Way: Negotiating A Successful Family Christmas

Applying negotiation principles to a family holiday season ensures the best result for everyone!

Tamara Hodgson

Interests: Variables

Money: The Root Of All Evil?

It is not money in itself that is evil, rather it is people’s attitude towards it which creates the problem. And so it is in negotiation.

Alistair White

Interests: Strategy

The Negotiator's Virtuous Circle

Engineering dependency into an agreement can be the smartest thing you do.

Alistair White

Interests: Strategy