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Mind Reading for Negotiators

Reading between the lines - how do you know what your counterpart is really thinking?

Pablo Benitez

Interests: Psychology

How to Manage the Circumstances when you Know you have Less Power

So you've done a detailed power assessment and have concluded that you really do have less power than your counterpart. So now what to do?

Rodrigo Malandre

Interests: Power

How to Assess the Amount of Power you Really Have

A guide to how working out how much power you really have - it may be more than you think...

Rodrigo Malandre

Interests: Variables, Planning, Strategy

Opinions and Their Philosophical Place in Negotiation

How listening to and sharing opinions will lead to a more positive negotiation outcome than trying to force others to share your view.

Tamara Hodgson

Interests: Psychology, Strategy

The Need to Justify

How far should you go in justifying your position ? A consideration of your counter-party's culture, psychology and mindset can help you get that balance right.

Anna Monusova

Interests: Strategy, Collaborative

Nine Lessons for Negotiators from the B-Word

It's been another week of tortuous contortions as the Brexit negotiations continue to twist and turn. What lessons can we draw for commercial negotiation?

Matthew Stockdale

Interests: Risk, Power, Planning

Have You Ever Missed a Forecast by £32bn?!

The recent news that the UK HS2 Rail Project is forecast to overspend by £32bn prompts musings over possible negotiation mistakes.

Vince Brook

Interests: Risk, Variables

Lessons from my Father on Cross-Cultural Negotiation

How lessons from cross-cultural negotiations a generation ago still resonate today.

Sib Law

Interests: Creativity

The BATNA for Spider-Man: Civil War

The importance of understanding the power of a BATNA

Ryan Gray

Interests: Power, Variables, Creativity