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The Use of Options

Options are a negotiator's best friend but how to use them to best effect?

Roger Greenfield

Interests: Creativity

The Art of Questioning

Planning and executing effective questioning can give you power through information and knowledge.

Nigel Wolfin

Interests: Strategy, Execution

Help Me To Help You

Understanding each other's priorities will always ensure a better outcome in your deal.

Tamara Hodgson

Interests: Variables, Creativity, Psychology, Execution, Collaborative

Nothing Is Agreed Until Everything Is Agreed

No variable should be considered dealt with and "off the table" until the conclusion of the deal.

Matthew Geddie

Interests: Strategy

Stop Selling Start Negotiating

The critical difference between selling and negotiation explained.

Mary Corrie

Interests: Strategy, Execution

Don't Talk About What You Can't Do, Talk About What You Can Do

Keep the climate positive and oil the wheels of the deal by stating what's possible, not what isn't.

John Clements

Interests: Psychology

Never Split The Difference

Why splitting the difference should be avoided, unless it's a deliberate tactic.

Sven Mermans

Interests: Psychology, Strategy, Competitive, Collaborative

Generosity Engenders Greed

When things are easy to obtain, people's expectation of what they are entitled to rises.

Tim Green

Interests: Variables, Planning, Psychology, Strategy, Execution

Getting Inside the Other Party's Head

The ability to see the deal from the other party's perspective will ensure you maximize value for yourself.

Mickel Ouweneel

Interests: Psychology