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Saim Saeed

EU Regulators Give Airlines Flexibility On Social Distancing

New guidelines balance health with economic and logistical concerns.


Boris Johnson Sets Out ‘Careful’ Withdrawal Plan From UK Lockdown

'This is not the time simply to end the lockdown,' the prime minister tells Britain.

Emilio Casalicchio

Interests: Risk

Germany Eases Some Lockdown Measures, Puts Federal States In Charge

'The very first phase of the pandemic is behind us,' chancellor says.

Judith Mischke

Interests: Strategy

UK Launches Large-Scale Coronavirus App Test

New technology always comes with headaches — and the coronavirus-tracking app is no different.

Emilio Casalicchio

Interests: Strategy

UK Claims Victory In Race To 100K Coronavirus Tests Per Day

British government hails target, but experts warn sustaining it is key.

Cristina Gallardo

Interests: Execution

French Prime Minister Details Plan To Loosen Coronavirus Lockdown

Edouard Philippe said the plan would be regularly adjusted.

Rym Momtaz

Interests: Strategy

Europe’s Canceled Summer Holiday

The coronavirus pandemic looms over one of the Continent's most vital economic sectors.

Paola Tamma

Interests: Risk

Heiko Maas Warns Against Restarting Tourism Too Early

European countries need to agree on common criteria for freedom of travel, says German foreign minister.

Laura Kayali

Interests: Strategy

Boris Johnson Warns UK At ‘Moment Of Maximum Risk’

British prime minister spoke outside Downing Street as he returned to work after recovering from COVID-19.

Charlie Cooper

Interests: Risk

Amazon To Temporarily Close French Warehouses

Move follows court order limiting activities because of coronavirus concerns.

Melissa Heikkilä

Interests: Power

One-Third Of People Have Seen Misleading Info On COVID-19 On Social Media

Survey spanning US, Spain, Germany, UK, Argentina and South Korea comes as tech giants try to clamp down on online falsehoods.

Mark Scott

Interests: Risk