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Connie Loizos

Shoe Companies Rothy’s and Steve Madden are at Each Other’s Throats

In August, after receiving a cease-and-desist letter from the venture-backed shoe startup Rothy's, shoe giant Steven Madden filed a pre-emptive lawsuit.

Risk, Competitive

Thirty-One Women Who ‘Run the World’ and What Can Be Learned from Them

Today, a new book called "Girls Who Run the World" hits real and virtual bookshelves, and for anyone with a middle-school aged kid or looking to inspire a high-schooler, it might be worth checking out. Featuring 31 women who are the CEOs of companies that they have created themselves.

Connie Loizos

Interests: Power

Amid Security Concerns, the European Union Puts 5G — and Huawei — Under the Microscope

The European Union is putting under the microscope the rollout of new, high-speed mobile networking technologies known as 5G in a move that could affect the technology's dominant company.

Jonathan Shieber

Interests: Planning

What Catalan Convictions Mean for Spain’s Future

Court decision means Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez will have to navigate a minefield during the election campaign.

Diego Torres

Interests: Risk

Toys ‘R’ Us Relaunches its Website

Toys R Us is back online, thanks to a new deal with Target.

Sarah Perez

Interests: Collaborative

Boeing Backs Virgin Galactic

Boeing seems to feel that it's better to join Virgin than try to beat them at this particular game.

Devin Coldewey

Interests: Collaborative

Brexit Deal Further Off Than Ever as Blame Game Intensifies

After a wild day of rhetoric and recriminations, thin hopes for a Brext deal persist.

David M. Herszenhorn

Interests: Competitive

The Danger of Abandoning Our Partners

The Syria policy reversal threatens to undo five years’ worth of fighting against ISIS and will severely damage American credibility and reliability.

Joseph Votel, Elizabeth Dent

Interests: Risk, Psychology

This Startup Just Raised $8 million to Help Busy Doctors Assess the Cognitive Health of 50 Million Seniors

All over the globe, the population of people who are aged 65 and older is growing faster than every other age group.

Connie Loizos

Interests: Creativity

It’s not all about Italy! 3 EU Countries Call for Change to Migration Focus

Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria want more attention on Eastern Mediterranean route.

Jacopo Barigazzi

Interests: Risk

Kamala Harris Preps her Pivot

As President Trump lashes out at legal attacks, the senator from California sees an opportunity to remind voters that she was once a respected lawyer.

Edward-Isaac Dovere

Interests: Variables