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Arnau Busquets Guàrdia, Cornelius Hirsch

Coronavirus Vaccine Skepticism — By The Numbers

Nearly 3 in 4 people would not take a coronavirus vaccine if it become available, according to a worldwide poll.


Barbados To Remove Queen Elizabeth As Head Of State

The move will leave 15 countries under Queen Elizabeth's rule from next year.

Andrew McDonald

Interests: Strategy

25 Years Wiped Out In 25 Weeks: Pandemic Sets The World Back Decades

Progress on global health and the economy has regressed, Gates Foundation report finds.

Carmen Paun

Interests: Risk

If You Can Grocery Shop in Person, You Can Vote in Person

Experts now say the health risk of casting an in-person ballot is relatively low. Will Democrats tell their voters that?

Russell Berman

Interests: Competitive

UK's Economic Recovery From Covid-19 Crisis Continues

Rishi Sunak gives himself option of delaying autumn budget due to economic uncertainty.

Richard Partington Economics correspondent

Interests: Variables

Emergency meeting of EU-UK Joint Committee to take place Thursday

Maroš Šefčovič and Michael Gove will meet in person following UK's plan to break Brexit deal.

Cristina Gallardo

Interests: Collaborative

UK To Publish Controversial Internal Market Bill Wednesday

The bill will transfer certain powers from the EU to the devolved UK nations, but some have called it a 'power grab' by Westminster.

Graham Lanktree

Interests: Power

Brits Need To Take Coronavirus Seriously Again, Warns Top Doc

'People have relaxed too much, now is the time for us to re-engage.'

Ashleigh Furlong

Interests: Risk

Unstaffed, Digital Supermarkets Transform Rural Sweden

The Lifvs start-up has opened 19 stores across the country, choosing remote places that have lost their local shops.

Richard Orange

Interests: Strategy

What Are Parents Supposed To Do With Their Kids?

With public schools closed, at least 15 states have no free child-care options for essential workers.

Olga Khazan, Adam Harris

Interests: Variables

The Coronavirus Economy: How Bad Will It Get?

Government restrictions and fears of infection expected to dampen global growth.

Matei Rosca, Bjarke Smith-Meyer, Paola Tamma, Hannah Brenton

Interests: Risk