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A Bicycle Made for One

How thinking creatively about what was high value to both parties resulted in a successful win win and I got the bike of my dreams.

Tamara Hodgson

Interests: Creativity, Collaborative

A Smooth As Silk Negotiation

My wife was delighted with the price she bartered for in a Bangkok market...but there was a twist in the tale.

Tim Billson

Interests: Competitive

Putting up the Shutters

How using "the Columbo move" to negotiate for some new window shutters helped me achieve additional value.

Vince Brook

Interests: Variables, Execution

The Perfect Apartment

Opening extreme and sticking to my negotiation plan proved highly effective in helping me buy the perfect apartment for my family.

Philipp Michel

Interests: Planning, Execution

Driving a Hard Bargain

How thorough research and preparation helped me secure the very best deal when buying a car.

Luis Soto

Interests: Planning

Haggling in Morocco

I fancied myself a seasoned negotiator, but I was no match for a rug-seller in a Moroccan souk.

Mike Kamins

Interests: Execution

Getting The Picture

I managed my discomfort and didn't budge from my price in a distributive negotiation for holiday pictures of myself and my son.

Makayla Mundle

Interests: Competitive

Caleb's Reading Time

When a child knows how to open extreme, uses multiple variables and concession trades, getting homework done becomes so much harder!

Maya James-Stoke

Interests: Power, Variables, Creativity

An Unusual Tactic

When my teenage daughter consciously used emotion to outperform me in her negotiation with a car insurance company.

Gordon Hall

Interests: Creativity, Psychology