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Work Life Balance

We asked two high-achieving professionals how they manage their lives to get as good a blend as possible between their careers and their families.

The Negotiation Society Magazine

Interests: Creativity

I Did It My Way

What does it take to ascend the corporate ladder when you work in a sector in which you are a minority, particularly at leadership level? We spoke to three professionals who have done just that to find out.

The Negotiation Society Magazine

Interests: Psychology

Get Inside Their Head

Do you work in retail or consumer goods, or negotiate with people who do? Then take advantage of Rodrigo Malandre’s guide to what is going through their heads as you sit opposite them at the negotiating table.

Rodrigo Malandre

Interests: Psychology

Different By Design

Alistair White meets Asia-Pacific consulting head, Wai Lau, and discovers how he’s made a virtue out of a life steeped in difference.

Alistair White

Interests: Power

Under Pressure

One of the major game changers in negotiation is the ability to successfully control emotional responses. The skilled negotiator is able to anticipate provocation and keep a calm head under pressure.

Matt Maia

Interests: Execution

Ask Alistair

Negotiation expert Alistair White returns to answer questions from our readers.

Alistair White

Interests: Psychology

If you want to achieve your potential, listen to the Fresh Prince!

The danger of cognitive bias - one of the greatest barriers to success may well lie within our own cognitive biases.

Tim Green

Interests: Psychology

Tricks Of My Trade

Consultant Lucia reveals how her commercial experience has shaped her perspective on collaboration, the importance of humility, and the magic of knowing how to negotiate.

Lucia Roccatagliata

Interests: Collaborative

United We Stand

When two titans in the drive for gender equality got together for a chat, TNS magazine learned how high EQ, curiosity and moments of sudden clarity can transform male privilege into male allyship.

Lori Stockel & Andy Dunn

Interests: Collaborative