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Tricks of my trade

Consultant Glin Bayley reveals how a challenging year led to an epiphany that inspired a move into commercial coaching, entrepreneurship, and negotiation consultancy.

The Gap Partnership

Interests: Creativity

When the stakes are high

Negotiation skills are essential for most modern-day corporate roles. But what can they contribute to other jobs, particularly those where decisions can mean the difference between life and death? We spoke to a doctor and a fighter jet navigator to find out.

The Gap Partnership

Interests: Risk

Inside my head

Associate global ecommerce director at Unilever, spills the beans on how she built her career, the role that negotiation plays, and her advice to those who seek to emulate her success.

The Gap Partnership

Interests: Collaborative

Know yourself and renegotiate

Renegotiations are an unavoidable fact of commercial life right now. Instead of giving into fear, face into them with confidence by first knowing yourself, and then refreshing on some key negotiation principles.

Jessie Lancaster & Richard Woodward

Interests: Planning

Why effective negotiation is critical to our future

Sustainability is the megatrend of our time; a challenge that can leave us feeling powerless to bring about meaningful change. In this special feature, we explore the role that negotiation can play in effecting change, and spotlight a plastic recycling initiative that is driven by collaboration and creativity.

Dan Anderson

Interests: Collaborative

Practice makes perfect

If all the world’s a stage, then are all the boardrooms too? Hrvoje Zaric explains why preparing for your negotiation delivery as if it’s a performance is a no-brainer.

Hrvoje Zaric

Interests: Planning

Breaking back

Stephen Dumpleton finds out how the negotiations that underpin the Australian Open have intriguing parallels with the sport itself, especially in times of a challenge.

The Gap Partnership

Interests: Strategy

Learnings from entrepreneurs

They are seen as an exotic commercial breed: quick-thinking visionaries who take risks and blaze trails. But how do they assess the story of their success, and the role that negotiation has played? We spoke to three entrepreneurs to find out.

The Gap Partnership

Interests: Creativity

A story of shipping and shopping

The pandemic has had a significant disruptive impact on global trade, with strained supply chains, soaring shipping costs, and a general downward trend. Negotiation experts from TGP share both global and local insight into how this has played out.

The Gap Partnership

Interests: Variables