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Tricks Of My Trade

Consultant Lucia reveals how her commercial experience has shaped her perspective on collaboration, the importance of humility, and the magic of knowing how to negotiate.

Lucia Roccatagliata

Interests: Collaborative

United We Stand

When two titans in the drive for gender equality got together for a chat, TNS magazine learned how high EQ, curiosity and moments of sudden clarity can transform male privilege into male allyship.

Lori Stockel & Andy Dunn

Interests: Collaborative

Not Lost In Translation

Hana Natour tells the incredible story of how as a student she set up a diversity initiative that attracted royal attention, and how that same appreciation of difference powers her career today.

Hana Natour

Interests: Power

Supply Chain Disruptors

Nobody wants a disrupted supply chain but striving for a disruptive supply chain... well, that may just be worth exploring. Consultant Freddy Burgess spells it out.

Freddy Burgess

Interests: Strategy

Same Difference

The Negotiation Society magazine meets ex-ad man turned consultant Torsten Gross, who shares his thoughts on identity, difference and assumptions – and why asking questions is one of the most powerful weapons we have.

Torsten Gross

Interests: Psychology

Do Men And Women Negotiate Differently?

A major new study investigates the different ways that men and women feel about and approach negotiation, and has some clear implications for anyone wanting to improve their deal-making outcomes.

Emma Weare

Interests: Psychology

Seeking Wise Counsel

An in-depth conversation with a distinguished couples therapist reveals the profound parallels between relationship counseling and commercial negotiation.

Clare Burlingham

Interests: Psychology

Getting Past Yes

Getting a deal agreed is seen by many negotiators as the end point in the process. But not taking into account the implementation of the deal can set it up for failure.

Emma Weare

Interests: Execution

Going For A Song

When the King of Pop went after The Fab Four’s back catalog, records were bound to be broken. Sib Law takes us inside the negotiation that shook the music industry.

Sib Law

Interests: Psychology