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Seeking Wise Counsel

An in-depth conversation with a distinguished couples therapist reveals the profound parallels between relationship counseling and commercial negotiation.

Clare Burlingham

Interests: Psychology

Getting Past Yes

Getting a deal agreed is seen by many negotiators as the end point in the process. But not taking into account the implementation of the deal can set it up for failure.

Emma Weare

Interests: Execution

Going For A Song

When the King of Pop went after The Fab Four’s back catalog, records were bound to be broken. Sib Law takes us inside the negotiation that shook the music industry.

Sib Law

Interests: Psychology

The Complete Skilled Negotiator Saves The World

Gordon Hall makes an impassioned case for bringing a mature outlook and collaborative negotiation skills to the world’s thorniest issues.

Gordon Hall

Interests: Creativity

Don't Chicken Out Of Saying Sorry

The importance of transparency and an old-fashioned apology when it comes to building trust and long term relationships. As demosntrated by the famous Colonel.

Tim Green

Interests: Psychology

How To Negotiate With A Customer You Can't Afford To Lose

When your customer is one that you can't afford to lose, and they place a "take it or leave it" demand on the table, what should you do?

Paul Bradford

Interests: Power

No One Ever Won A War With Soggy Ammo

A cautionary tale reminding us not to allow our own personal desires to overtake our need to be a negotiator.

Tim Green

Interests: Variables

Negotiation By Email

Expert hints and tips for how to successfully negotiate over email.

Tim Green

Interests: Risk, Power, Variables, Creativity, Planning, Psychology, Strategy, Execution, Competitive, Collaborative

Negotiation 365

The 12 month online program for embedding and refreshing your negotiation skills.

The Gap Partnership

Interests: Creativity