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Webinar Series: Negotiating With AI

Join the third webinar in our six-part series where we will explore and discuss if AI is the saviour or the big evil in the future of negotiation.

Philipp Michel

Interests: Planning

Procurement's direction in uncertain times (NL)

During this webinar we will discuss with you procurements direction in these uncertain times and the implications it has on negotiation strategies.

Marc Saris & John van Veen

Interests: Strategy

A live global debate: This House believes that virtual learning is more impactful than face-to-face learning

Virtual learning has become the norm in this age of the pandemic. But does the boom in online training represent an exciting opportunity, or an unwanted necessity? Join expert consultants, senior executives, star debaters and leaders of the future as they go head to head in a live debate.

The Gap Partnership & Debate Mate

Interests: Creativity

Webinar: Gender In Negotiation

This webinar presents the findings of The Gap Partnership's research that posed the question, "Do men and women negotiate differently?", and promises to offer insight, analysis, and learnings for all negotiators.

Esther Shearwood & Diana Jusepeitis

Interests: Psychology

Webinar: The Future of Negotiation Series: Virtual Negotiation (Australia)

The first webinar of our six-part series explores the effectiveness and tactical empathy in a virtual environment.

Stephen Dumpleton

Interests: Strategy

Webseminar: Frauen in verhandlung (DE)

Besuchen Sie dieses Webseminar von The Gap Partnership, bei dem wir die geschlechtsspezifischen Unterschiede in Verhandlungen näher betrachten und sechs praktische Tipps für erfolgreiche Verhandlerinnen vermitteln.

Diana Jusepeitis & Petra Siem

Interests: Psychology

Webinar: Top Tips for Virtual Negotiation (North America)

In these uncertain times, the need to adjust and find a way to rapidly adapt is critical. Join The Gap Partnership in exploring a methodology for negotiation that is critical for success in the virtual world.

Scott Chepow

Interests: Strategy

Webinar: The Future of Negotiation (HK)

The Gap Partnership's Hong Kong office present a webinar on what the future of negotiation will look like - and how you can get prepared, now.

Interests: Planning, Psychology, Strategy

Webinar Series: Virtual Negotiation

The second webinar of our six-part series explores the effectiveness and on tactical empathy in a virtual environment.

Freddy Burgees & Chris Kirkland

Interests: Psychology