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Barbara Moens, Giorgio Leali, Eleanor Mears

Halloumi Cheese Puts EU’s Canada Trade Deal To The Test

Cypriot vote against Canada accord will test whether EU countries' parliaments can torpedo big deals.


Germany To Launch Mandatory Coronavirus Tests For ‘High-Risk’ Arrivals From Saturday

The German government will launch a program of mandatory coronavirus tests for arrivals from designated high-risk areas starting Saturday.

Joshua Posaner

Interests: Strategy

Boris Johnson Goes Presidential

Cabinet Office chief Alex Chisholm insisted the civil service is not being politicized.

Emilio Casalicchio

Interests: Strategy

Beirut Blast Death Toll Rises To At Least 78, Thousands Injured

'I promise you that this catastrophe will not pass without accountability,' says Lebanese PM.

Paul Dallison, Zoya Sheftalovich

Interests: Risk

UK Teen Among 3 Arrested Over Massive Twitter Breach

The fraudulent scheme hacked Twitter accounts of people like Joe Biden, Bill Gates and Kanye West.

Martin Matishak

Interests: Power

Kosovo PM Tests Positive For COVID-19

Avdullah Hoti says he only has a ‘mild cough’ and will self-isolate at home.

Emma Anderson

Interests: Risk

Thousands Protest Against Coronavirus Measures In Berlin

Demonstrators ignore hygiene rules to rally in German capital.

Vincent Manancourt

Interests: Risk

Trump Floats Delaying 2020 Election

US president’s extraordinary proposal represents what appears to be his first attempt at floating a suspension of the election.

Quint Forgey

Interests: Power

As Europe masks up, the Netherlands dithers

Dutch government health officials express doubts on efficacy of face coverings.

Eline Schaart, Ashleigh Furlong

Interests: Execution

Travel industry braces for a second COVID-19 wave

The industry fears that unexpected quarantine measures could undermine its preparations.

Mari Eccles

Interests: Strategy

Belgium Reduces Social Bubbles, Event Sizes Amid Coronavirus Spike

Sophie Wilmès raises 'serious concerns' about COVID-19 prevalence in Antwerp.

Hans von der Burchard, Ashleigh Furlong

Interests: Risk