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Emma Newburger

What To Expect Ahead Of Biden's Global Climate Change Summit

President Biden is expected to unveil a new carbon emissions reduction target for the Paris climate accord before or during the global climate summit.


UK Scientists Launch Human Challenge Trial To Study Covid Reinfection

Human challenge trials are controlled studies that involve deliberately infecting participants with a pathogen or a bug to study the effects of that infection.

Sam Meredith

Interests: Creativity

Airline Executives Cast Doubt On European Summer Vacations With Borders Still Closed

Airline executives say they don't expect a jump in European bookings this summer with borders still closed.

Leslie Josephs

Interests: Risk

Par Technology Could Be A Dominant Force After $500 Million Acquisition, Panera Founder Says

Par announced last week it would buy Punchh for $500 million. Since then, Par shares are up about 25%.

Tyler Clifford

Interests: Strategy

Private Equity Giant Carlyle Group Values Beautycounter At $1 Billion In Bet On 'Clean' Cosmetics

Private equity firm Carlyle Group takes majority stake in cosmetics company Beautycounter at a $1 billion valuation.

Riley de León

Interests: Risk

Retailers Look To Innovate And Tempt Customers Back To Physical Stores

It’s time for retailers to get creative as shopping habits change and customers become more demanding.

Silvia Amaro

Interests: Creativity

Why An Infrastructure Deal Everyone Wants May Fail

The need exists, but the path toward a bill is far from obvious.

Peter Nicholas

Interests: Variables

Netflix Strikes Deal For Streaming Rights To Sony Films, Including Upcoming 'Spider-Man' Movies

Starting next year, all movies released by Sony Pictures will stream exclusively on Netflix after their theatrical and home entertainment releases.

Sarah Whitten

Interests: Collaborative

Beta Hopes Its Electric Vertical Aircraft Deal With UPS Validates This New Mode Of Transport

"Nobody here is replacing a helicopter or a jet," Beta founder Kyle Clark told CNBC. "We're actually enabling entirely new routes and missions."

Frank Holland

Interests: Creativity

Goldman Sachs Downgrades India's Growth Forecast As Covid Cases Spike

The investment bank on Tuesday lowered India's growth forecast for the April-June quarter from 33.4% year-on-year previously, to 31.3%.

Saheli Roy Choudhury

Interests: Variables

CEO Of Kayak's Parent Says Vaccine Passports Would Make It Safer For People To Travel

Glenn Fogel, CEO of Booking Holdings, said he thinks vaccine passports would make it safer for people to return to travel as more people get vaccinated.

Katie Tsai

Interests: Risk