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Giulia Blasi

Italy’s Missing Feminists

Politicians pay lip service to gender diversity but it's still a man's world, women leaders say.


The Art of Holding your Tongue

Political advisers will use Prince Andrew’s car-crash TV interview as a prime example of when it’s best to say nothing.

Craig Oliver

Interests: Psychology

VC Cyan Banister on Who Decides What at Founders Fund (and much more)

Cyan Banister is an American success story.

Connie Loizos

Interests: Creativity

Erdoğan Defies Trump. So Why Do They Get Along?

The two have undeniable personal chemistry, but their countries are drifting apart.

Kathy Gilsinan, Melvyn Ingleby

Interests: Psychology

Moldova’s Coalition Government Falls

The EU has expressed concern about the future of its collaboration with Chișinău.

Matei Rosca

Interests: Power

Alibaba’s Singles’ Day Sales Top $38 Billion

After 24 hours of frenzied buying and selling, and weeks of aggressive advertising and promotions before it, the Alibaba Group said today its sales hit another record high on Singles' Day, the biggest shopping day on the planet.

Manish Singh

Interests: Execution

Spain’s Socialists Win Election, But Deadlock Continues

Far-right Vox more than doubles its seats, as Sánchez's gamble leaves country still divided.

Diego Torres

Interests: Psychology

The UK election’s 12 potential biggest losers

In an unpredictable election, there are very few safe seats.

Eleni Courea

Interests: Power, Strategy, Competitive

Trump: Brexit deal ‘precludes’ US-UK trade agreement

'We can't make a trade deal with the UK,' under the Brexit deal, the US president said.

Eleni Courea

Interests: Power, Strategy, Competitive, Collaborative

The EU Transition That Wasn’t

Showdowns between European Council, Commission and Parliament are holding up the Brussels agenda.

Paul Taylor

Interests: Strategy

US Starts Climate Pact Exit — Now What?

The move comes just weeks before nations gather for another climate conference in Madrid.

Zack Colman

Interests: Strategy