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Evelyn Cheng

China's Electric Car Strategy Is Starting To Go Global

In a future driven by electric vehicles, China is poised to dominate if the U.S. does not transform its automobile industry in coming years.


Nikola Shares Surge After GM Executive Gives Hope Of Keeping Partnership Deal Alive

Shares of embattled electric vehicle start-up Nikola jumped double digits during premarket trading Wednesday following a General Motors executive saying the automaker still sees a tie-up with the company being a great opportunity.

Michael Wayland

Interests: Collaborative

Impossible Foods Looks To Hire More Than 100 Scientists In Quest For Dairy-Free Milk And Meat Alternatives

Impossible Foods plans to hire more than 100 scientists to double the size of its research and development team and accelerate its product development.

Amelia Lucas

Interests: Creativity

Ireland Announces Six-Week Coronavirus Lockdown

People told to limit movements to within a five-kilometer radius of their homes and to stay out of each other’s houses.

Shawn Pogatchnik

Interests: Execution

TikTok Is Driving Massive Toy Sales As Play Dates Become Less Frequent During Pandemic

Social media has long been used by toy companies to reach kids, but as the coronavirus pandemic has taken play dates and recess off the table, apps like TikTok have become more important than ever. 

Sarah Whitten

Interests: Creativity

Amazon Says Third-Party Sellers Made More Than $3.5 Billion From Prime Day

Amazon said third-party sellers' Prime Day sales grew more year over year than its retail business.

Annie Palmer

Interests: Psychology

WHO Warns Canada Is Facing A 'Second Wave' Of Coronavirus Cases

"Canada is currently facing its second wave and areas that were not previously affected are now surpassing the numbers seen during the first wave," PAHO's top official said.

Noah Higgins-Dunn

Interests: Risk

Brussels Eyes Bigger Stick To Take On Big Tech

A new competition instrument originally meant to apply to a wide range of sectors will now be targeted at the digital sector.

Laura Kayali

Interests: Planning

'The Worst Is Not Behind Any Airline': Qatar Airways CEO Warns More Collapses Coming For Industry

The CEO urged government bailouts for airlines, warning that "the worst is not behind any airline, not only Qatar Airways."

Natasha Turak

Interests: Risk

Tesla Could Be On Its Way To $500, Trader Says. How To Play The Stock For Upside.

Tesla bull Todd Gordon lays out how to trade the stock for the potential next leg of its rally.

Keris Lahiff

Interests: Strategy

Fourth-Generation Movie Theater Operator Says Chain Is Months From Bankruptcy

B&B Theatres, the sixth-largest cinema chain in the U.S., has been operating for nearly 100 years. Its owners say it is months away from bankruptcy.

Sarah Whitten

Interests: Risk